Weekly Update January 13, 2020

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Hi Gregersen San Tan Families,
It’s wonderful to be back at school after our relaxing Winter Break. The first week back was an easy transition with three half days for Parent/Teacher Conferences. It was delightful meeting with all of you and sharing stories and data about your children. If you ever have questions or concerns we can email, arrange a phone call, or set up a time to meet before or after school.
Many thanks for your generous donations of materials for our FRIDAY STEM projects. The children were thrilled with last Friday’s challenge of creating the tallest free-standing snowman using marshmallows, toothpicks, straws, and pipecleaners. Our tallest snowman was 7 inches.
This week we are looking forward to the schoolwide Spelling Bee on Friday. Our class representative is Mya and Hudson S. is our alternate. We will go as a class to cheer them on. Parents are welcome. The Bee begins at 9:00 sharp in the gym.
We are pleased to welcome a new student, Devin, to our class. He is a wonderful addition and loves playing basketball at recess.
Mark your calendars for our field trip to the Mesa Arts Center on February 18th for the alien play and backstage tour. We will leave school at 11:15 and return by dismissal.
The new year brings a new homework piece, Spelling Tests weekly. I am coordinating the spelling tests with our phonics skill of the week. This week we are practicing ou/ow. The ten words are: out, owl, house, down, loud, growl, around, flower, south, crowd. Practice at home, but the true test of spelling is to see words spelled correctly in your child’s writing.
Keep practicing sight words as needed and having your child read every day. Math fact practice is always recommended.
Thank you for all of your support at home.
Ms. Gregersen